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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn and Paisley meets in this epic match. This is one of the best match's of all time in LPAW!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!

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Bree and Arielle are two of the newest ladies to get on the mats. They decide to make this a bikini pro barefoot match. Arielle has the size advantage, but this one will not be decided because of size... or will it? DOWNLOAD
Something different here at LPAW. Celeste goes up against Dani in this unique match up of MMA vs pro wrestling. Both ladies have the advantage in what they do best. Dani with MMA, and Celeste with pro wrestling. What will be the difference though is which lady can do better at eachothers advantage. Multiple falls and knockouts in this match. Who will get the last one? DOWNLOAD
Round two of this huge matchup. Marissa looks for revenge in this one and she is relentless at proving that the first win was a fluke. Marissa knows that Shaunna is the visiting girl, and she does not want to lose two match's in a row. Marissa has to break out a huge power move, and she executes it to perfection. DOWNLOAD
Two powerhouse ladies. Marissa vs Shaunna, the two best ladies at the moment here at LPAW and this does not dissapoint. The ladies are so evenly matched, it is difficult to predict who wins and how they win. The legs, the upper body strength, these ladies both have the capability to do pretty much anything, and the pain they can inflict is infinite! DOWNLOAD
Jessica goes up against India. India is only about 5 foot, making Jessica an easy favorite to gain victory. One thing Jessica also has is the ability to take shortcuts to make victory more possible. India does her best to take down Jessica, but Jessica might just be too much for India in this mismatch. DOWNLOAD
Roxxi is happy to finally get to participate in a match. Bad news is that her opponnent is Constance. The baddest girl in the company. Luckily Roxxi has the tools to combat Constance, but Constance abilities, moves, and confidence is at an all time high. Roxxi stays in the match, but eventually misery comes to Roxxi and Constance handles her easily. DOWNLOAD

Tilly and Hannah meet for a competitive style pins match!



Shaunna and Kara meet for a competitive pro style pins match!







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