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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn and Paisley meets in this epic match. This is one of the best match's of all time in LPAW!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!

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Match two and Amber is at a disadvantage. She already had her head driven into the mat and now match two begins. The goog thing is Amber catch's Jessica recouping from the last match and Amber gets off to a good start that she needed. Amber gets some good revenge on Jessica and never really lets Jessica make any huge comeback. She then drives Jessica into the mat for the victory just like Jessica did in the first match! DOWNLOAD
Jessica looks to get in the win column. This is a non title match up and a first match for both ladies before they start to really count. Jessica is the favorite against Amber who makes her debut on the mats. One thing for sure is that both ladies want to win, and the no rules stipulation makes that clear, with foot chokes and dirty tactics. Jessica does a number on Amber driving her to the mats ! DOWNLOAD
Its match three for these ladies, and both have to be exausted. No breaks, no shortcuts, no timeouts. These ladies will have to dig deep to figure out a way to win this one. The power that Marissa possesses has been her go to style. Erica uses more of a relentless attack to keep Marissa from recovering. One thing we know is that the piledriver will once again be the reason one lady wins and one is knocked out cold! DOWNLOAD
Match two of Marissa vs Erica. Much of the same in this one, but who will get the upper hand this time? Marissa and Erica both show that they are deadly on the mats on fours or flat on the mat. Legs, hands, both ladies can use these weapons better than anybody. DOWNLOAD
Marissa and Erica make history and sign a three match deal. They will compete in three pro wrestling matchups to see who the better lady is. A great introduction to pro wrestling at LPAW. Marissa is the prized star, but Erica looks to make an impact her as well! Who will win the first match up? DOWNLOAD
Evonn defeated her first opponnent in a rookie showdown. She struggled but ended up victorious and now she moves on to face Adrianna, another pretty good rookie. Will Evonn have the same success she had in her debut? These ladies battle in a 3 falls match! DOWNLOAD
It's an exciting time to watch the LPAW ladies in action. This is what it's all about. Two rookies making their debut, two ladies who trained together for this very moment. Now it comes down to getting it done when it counts. Evonn and Bree both have the same level arsenal, but one lady needs to ride the momentum to the finish line. Who will it be? DOWNLOAD
A cool pro match between Bree and Nikki. Nikki goes up against a very underrated Bree who shows Nikki she has great moves and is stronger than she looks. Nikki is amazing in her own right. A bonafied veteran, she will stop at nothing to get a victory. The ladies try to get multiple falls in this match. Knocking out eachother to gain a win. DOWNLOAD





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