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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn and Paisley meets in this epic match. This is one of the best match's of all time in LPAW!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!

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An exciting twist in this match up. Two trainees that go to college together and have been training for months debut against eachother! A surprise that probably doesn't go well with both. They now have to wrestle eachother in the biggest match of their careers. Both ladies are hesitant but once the match gets going they start to go at eachother with no holding back. An exciting match up that ends in a sad way for one, and actually for both! DOWNLOAD
A rivalry is born. Tracy an all american vollyball star makes her pro wrestling debut vs a Russian baddy Vika. One of the most intense match ups you will ever see. These ladies hate eachother right off the bat, and with both being athletes, the competitive nature is off the charts. Vika might be the dirtiest pro wrestler in the business as she chokes, smothers and low blows Tracy. Will the dirty tactics come back to bite her? DOWNLOAD
Remi did the unthinkable, but it comes with a price. Luna is pissed, and with Remi bragging about winning the first match, Luna gets right up and goes at Remi. She is relentless in this match. Remi makes some comebacks but Luna is way to pissed off to lay of the gas. She takes Remi down in this match and piledrives her multiple times. Remi won the first one, but Luna will not be denied in this match! DOWNLOAD
Luna welcomes Remi to the LPAW mats. What Luna doesn't know is that Remi has had experience in pro wrestling. She surprises Luna with moves, submissions, and a cocky attitude. Luna doesn't quit, but Remi's start of the match did a number on Luna. Remi has so much control that she decides multiple piledrivers is the way to get it done. An upset on the horizon for Remi! DOWNLOAD
Tilly has her hands full against visiting star Hannah. Hannah might be the most underrated ladies on the circuit. She has the tools to be one of the best and Tilly knows it. Tilly is prepared for Hannah, which is a good thing. Although Hannah is a vicious competitor who uses submissions as a way to weaken an opponnent. Her finishing piledriver is a manuever that you will not get up from. Tilly must avoid it. Can she? DOWNLOAD
You know you are in trouble when you win the first match and now match two is here. Constance loses a rare match up, but she isn't incapacitated. This does not bode well for Regan who now has to face a pissed of loser. Constance does not need much to get the upper hand, and once you lose momentum, you can forget about it. Constance has the deadliest piledriver, and Regan could be in for a painful surprise. DOWNLOAD
Regan is in trouble. That is all that needs to be said when you take a look at her opponnent. Constance is possibly the strongest and most powerful lady on the roster. Her finisher is second to none, but wait, Regan actually gets some offense in and seems like she has a chance to get an upset in the first of two match's between these two. DOWNLOAD
Jessica has been trying to climb the ladder, but Tilly has also come in at the same time and trying to leap over Jessica in the rankings. This one is as close of a match up as can get, and both ladies have yet to get a win. Make no mistake Jessica is the dirty one but Tilly has a few tricks up her sleeve and very well might be the better wrestler at the moment. These ladies will stop at nothing to get the victory! DOWNLOAD





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