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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn and Paisley meets in this epic match. This is one of the best match's of all time in LPAW!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!

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Victoria isn't the happiest girl on the block. Arielle on the other hand is ready to go. Victoria displays quite the cocky attitude, but she can back it up. This is a long wrestling match for both gals and it shows. Lots of dirty tactics on display here in order to get an advantage. Victoria seems like the better wrestler, but Arielle is no slouch! DOWNLOAD
Jessica had all she can handle in the first match against Adrianna, now it's time for Jessica to kick it into another gear and show her that it's not going to be that easy a second time around. Jessica has the upper hand in this one and also has something Adrianna doesn't at the moment...a killer finisher of a move! DOWNLOAD
Jessica goes up against Adrianna. Adrianna is a visiting wrestler who is trying to go places. Jessica is an up and comer still trying to perfect her craft, but her upside is high. In this match Adrianna gets the upper hand and really surprises Jessica with her deep arsenal. Keeping Jessica grounded was a must for Adrianna. DOWNLOAD
Regan finally gets a chance to face a lower tier opponnent. She has constantly had to face the best ladies of LPAW, and it was just bad luck because she is a pretty good wrestler. This time she signed a contract versus a local girl who is a deer in the headlights. Regan shows confidence in this one while her opponnent is shocked at what she has gotten into. DOWNLOAD
We have a good one her. Celeste is a dominating 5 foot 10 wrestler in LPAW. She has the tools to be the best wrestler on the roster. Holly Nicole is a promising rookie who comes in with the experience of being a great high school wrestler. Celeste is caught a little off guard in this one and Holly makes this one a down to the wire match. Holly does the unthinkable and shows why she could be the future of LPAW! DOWNLOAD
Jocelyn is one of the most promising ladies on the roster. She is signing up for matches as much as she can. This does not mean she is quite there yet, but she is learning and trying to get better. Here she faces another visiting gal named Destiny. Destiny shows Jocelyn that no matter how much Jocelyn wants it, she still needs to get better in order to win match's! DOWNLOAD
This is an important of a match equally for Misty and Lynn as it can get. Both ladies are rookie's in the pro wrestling world and now it's time to get down to business. Misty and Lynn go back and forth in this one, and as the match goes on they start to hate eachother more and more. Misty finally develops a killer instinct and finishes Lynn off in amazing and brutal fashion. DOWNLOAD
Shaunna has been on a small hiatus, but now it's time to get back on the mats. She faces another big time star in LPAW...Tilly Mcreese. The match is close, both ladies go back and forth, sometimes doing the same move on eachother trying to gain some bragging rights on who does it better. One thing for sure is that Shaunna has a powerful finisher that nobody gets up from! DOWNLOAD





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