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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn and Paisley meets in this epic match. This is one of the best match's of all time in LPAW!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!

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Amber and Misty are training partners, but now it's time to get down to business. Misty is a little bit more cocky but Amber also has a little attitude going as well. Both ladies show off skills that they have learned. Sadly one lady is tombstone piledriven into a knockout! DOWNLOAD
This would be Jessica's biggest match. She will wrestle in a first. LPAW opens up a tourney, one in which will continue into 2018. Jessica's first task is to beat a reletively new and green wrestler. Jocelyn is an up and comer but should not be too much difficulty for Jessica. Even so Jocelyn puts up a fight for Jessica. In the end Jessica shows why she is at the top of the LPAW ladder. DOWNLOAD
Remi has the title of only visiting girl from outside the roster to gain a victory. Remi defeated Luna in a pro wrestling match and now looks to make an impact in the first round of the LPAW tourney. She will be going against a feisty Kelly. Kelly is a rookie but she is one of the better ones and will give Remi a run for her money. Remi though is as sneaky as it gets! DOWNLOAD
Misty is ultra cocky to start this match. Constance is one of the most, if not the most powerful wrestlers in LPAW. She has tremendous skills and a strong body. She executes one of the deadliest piledrivers in LPAW. Misty is a pretty good wrestler on the roster but she seems to be no match vs Constance. DOWNLOAD
Sometimes you get an unlucky draw. In this one Regan is put up against Tracy. Tracy is skilled, but not much more than Regan. The problem is that Tracy is a 5 foot 11 inch powerhouse and Regan stands at about 5'3. The height mismatch is astonishing, and this proves to be the only reason Regan is a big big underdog. Regan puts up a fight, but predictability in this one points to Tracy as the winner. DOWNLOAD
This match proves that in order to win, many times you have to go beyond 100% effort. Michelle and Regan are nothing short of that. They both unleash an enormous amount of pain to eachother. Punching, kicking, slamming eachother to the point of exaustion. Both ladies looked completely spent, but at the same time were determined to get the victory! A slug fest ensues! DOWNLOAD
Michelle and Misty meet for a specialty match. One that proves to be almost too hot for TV. Michelle is newer but she is confident in her skill. Misty is also the same way and then some. These ladies try to knock eachother out every step of the way. This is hot as it gets as both are wearing thong lingerie. One lady finally drives her opponnent into the mats for an easy pin! DOWNLOAD
Regan meets up with Paisley. These ladies right off the bat do not like eachother. Paisley is a cautious wrestler. She sees Regan as a wrestler who will do anything to win, which includes cheating. Paisley eventually quits playing so nice and turns to some forceful tactics to put Regan in her place. One of the most devestating tombstone piledrivers ends this one for good. DOWNLOAD





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