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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!
Tilly returns to the mats and has little trouble getting back into it vs Lynn.

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Jocelyn wants to start working her way up to the main roster. She needs to get through some tough opponents first. One of them is Regan. Jocelyn has a big height advantage over Regan, but Regan makes it known that she has been around for a while and this match won't be easy. Camel clutch, pin attempts, punches against the wall and a winning piledriver are some of the moves in this match up! DOWNLOAD
Jessica has been on fire. Winning match after match. New girl Karly wants to put an end to that win streak. Little does she know, she has her hands full. Jessica is a tough out and Karly realizes that quickly. Both ladies show they are capable. Leg scissors dominate the match up. Karly puts up a good fight but Jessica might be too much in this one. A piledriver/pedigree variation puts on wrestler out for good. DOWNLOAD
Regan has had some recent success. Another new girl Anna wants to test Regan. Anna has a unique confidence about her. She always looks like she has the win in the bank. Regan does not like that at all and is extra angry this time out. Anna puts up a great fight, but this is Regan at her fiery best. She wants to win and wants to humiliate her opponent! DOWNLOAD
Tilly returns to the mats, and after a short time off, she tries to break the rust against another hopeful. Lynn has been getting better and better, but If history tells us, Tilly has has matches with the best LPAW has to offer. She is one of the few that has beaten Jessica in a match! Lynn still does not back down. In this match, after you submit your opponent, you must then finish the match with a pin! DOWNLOAD
Tilly signed up to face a new up and comer. Anna is the newest and feistiest wrestlers in the LPAW. Anna might be a smaller girl, but she shows her strength by getting Tilly in many awkward positions and holds. Tilly as usual overcomes these submissions with sheer strength. Tilly cannot be held down for too long, and once she gains control of Anna, you can almost put this one in the win column for Tilly! DOWNLOAD
Now this is a pro wrestling match with some great storylines. Lynn and Regan both meet for a match with so much on the line. The ladies both look for a first victory! This means that anything goes, and both ladies will fight and claw for a win. Regan is the more experienced lady and she shows that by trash talking. A piledriver ends this one and gains a first win for one lady! DOWNLOAD
Celeste is one of the longest tenured wrestlers here. She signed a match versus a new girl. Little did she know the powerhouse she would be up against. Amanda stands 5'10 and is one of the strongest ladies to come to LPAW. Celeste is no slouch, she stands at 5'9, but Amanda has the size advantage. We all know how good Celeste is, but Amanda is one girl that can physically out match Celeste. DOWNLOAD
Jessica looks to beat Celeste in this match. Jessica is already at a slight disadvantage as Celeste has a good height advantage and size advantage over Jessica. With all this, we know that Jessica is one of the best wrestlers and that she will not back down from any match! But we fear that Celeste might be a little too strong for Jessica in this one. Hopefully not! DOWNLOAD





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