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Farah's debut match vs Elvia! One lady gets a contract to get to the big leagues!
Jocelyn looks to get back on the winning track as she faces off against a tough rookie Farah!
Tilly returns to the mats and has little trouble getting back into it vs Lynn.

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Elvia and Farah are new to pro wrestling. One of them has a shot to enter the big leagues. One lady will get a chance to appear on a prime time show of LPAW. LPAW Worldwide needs a new competitor, and either Elvia or Farah is going to be getting that contract. Both ladies have lots of talent but only one can make it through in this qualification type match up! DOWNLOAD
Jocelyn is angry. She lost versus Paisley in LPAW Main Event and it is not sitting good with her. She gets a shot to get back on the winning track versus a new adversary. She is from IRAN and she has dangerous mat skills that can really cause a problem for any wrestler. Jocelyn is going to have to dig deep to take care of Farah, or will Farah pull of the upset!? DOWNLOAD
Jocelyn faces of with one of the best LPAW has to offer. She wants to prove to Paisley that she is for real. Paisley isn't having that. She sees a newbie girl who is way to confident. Jocelyn even tells Paisley she doesn't know who she is. This match is probably the best match we have had at LPAW in a long time. Both ladies are serious all the way through. Pin attempts, sleeper, punches, splash's, scissor stomp, boston crabs, and much much more! 5 Star Match!DOWNLOAD





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